Political Correctness

I’ve just seen this post from The F Word, good timing as I’ve also just been reading the comments here, about the new Black Panther solicitations. I don’t really read Marvel, and it was definatly the comments more then the content of the post that got me, this one especially:

That whole magic spider eater guy thing was really gay and stupid. (and no, dont tell me not to say “gay”, im not   hearing it.) Has it been retconned back to Spidey’s original origin yet?”

The poster is obviously aware that their comment is going to be found offensive, and it is, I hate the use of ‘gay’ to mean rubbish, stupid, bad, incorrect, anything pejorative, it’s just homophobic, there is no other way to spin it. The comments of course reflect this, so we get this:

“I think someone who thinks someone is a douchebag for using the word “gay” is probably the real douchebag, so go ahead, knock yourself out. Usually the type of people who get upset by that thing are pc douchebags”
So yes, the homophobia is ‘a statement against political correctness’ just as the inappropriate calender is. Neither of them are big things, but that’s the point, that is what political correctness is there for and why it is so important, if the little things are made unacceptable then hopefully the big things will be as well. I wish these two examples made me a little bit angry at least, they don’t, they just make me feel tired.

I love Scans_Daily, it is eternally entertaining, and it is one of the most accepting places on the internet, as comics discussion goes it has an incredibly mixed, intelligent, funny set of contributors, and the response to the comments was what I would expect, a Mod gets involves, it all fizzles out. After all, ‘The golden rule: All posts and comments are to maintain a respectful tone towards fellow members’, and this is kept to strictly. That makes it worse, because I might expect to see it in other places, but not there.

5 thoughts on “Political Correctness

  1. dktd says:

    What about a disembodied use of the word? Language changes and evolves through use.
    I agree with the word ‘gay’ being used as a negative is a shame, but there needs some room for language to evolve and change. After all, gay didn’t always allude to homosexual. Swear words that allude to sexual organs are disembodied and don’t represent a sexism.


  2. jonnigirl says:

    Tabboo language isn’t disembodied though, language change happens precisely because it isn’t disembodied, it happens from people using it, and I’d say that swear words that allude to sexual organs can easily be sexist- calling a woman a cunt is a way of reducing her to just that, to nothing more than her genitalia, it depersonalises. The word ‘cunt’ has been reclaimed, unfortunatly this is not so with ‘gay’, if it was being used to mean ‘cool’ or some other positive it would be different maybe, but it isn’t, and it seems to be simply allowable homophobia.

  3. dktd says:

    Perhaps the start of use of a word as an insult begins as sexist but it does not continue so. I know of no person who uses the words cunt or cock to specify when alluding to a man or a woman. Both are used in sexually ambiguous terms in the current day, neither being used as a specifically sexist term. Whenever I have used the phrase ‘ahh, y’cunt’, it is just as easily replaced by the words ‘ahh, y’cock’, or indeed, ‘ahh, y’arsehole’.
    How on earth has the word cunt been reclaimed anyway?

  4. jonnigirl says:

    Lesbian erotica in large part, where it is used by women about women, in a positive way, or just by women as a way of describing a part of their body, again in a positive way: ‘here is a movement within feminists that seeks to reclaim cunt not only as acceptable, but as an honorific, in much the same way that queer has been reclaimed by LGBT people’.
    It’s controversial, as is the use of queer, but I personally like both and use both.

  5. Stu says:

    Although I completely agree that it’s not acceptable for people to use the word gay as a negative term. I don’t think it’s “just homophobic”. I think it’s ignorant. Someone who could in no way have any bad feelings towards homosexuals could use the term gay out of habit of being around people using it. It’s just a horrible, lazy form of expression which has crept in, but I don’t think it’s exclusively homophobic.

    Good post, I do think terms like which unfortunately are in regular vocabulary should be addressed.

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