Thing 4 – current awareness

This week is pretty easy for me as I already use Twitter and Google Reader. I love twitter, I joined a few months ago because I was feeling left out and I haven’t looked back, the only thing I dislike is that I don’t have a smart phone, but this will soon be changing and then I will be able to post even more library stuff, I love the idea of live-tweeting something. I have found it slightly odd meeting people in real-life that I only know from twitter or reading their blogs, but less intimidating that just going up to someone random and talking to them, it’s nice to think that a online tool is also helping me offline too.

My Google Reader is great, apart from the fact I made it before I had a Google+ account, and they use different account. I think I will be closing my old one and switching everything to my Google+ account, much more streamlined and easy to use. I got Google Reader about six months ago, having started reading a few library blogs but being annoyed at always having to hunt them down, now I don’t, and anything new I find only takes a second to add. I have tried not to follow too much, I didn’t check it for a few days once and ended up with 30 unread posts!

I like the look of Storify a lot, and have read a couple of other people, but at the moment I can’t think of anything I would need to use it for. However, I like knowing it’s there, and it does look easy to use, so as soon as I have a reason to use it I will do. I did love reading about Quiffcomp, I hope it happens next year so I can enter. As should become a tradition with these posts, have a cute animal picture.

Image credit: Daves portfolio, via Flikr


2 thoughts on “Thing 4 – current awareness

  1. Annie says:

    “I have tried not to follow too much, I didn’t check it for a few days once and ended up with 30 unread posts!”

    This is clearly a sign that I follow far too many blogs, but if I go on holiday for a week it isn’t unusual to come back to 500+ unread posts! Best thing to do in that situation is hit the ‘mark all as read button’ and trust that you’ll find out about anything important eventually!

    • I definitely go for the follow lots of blogs and don’t worry about reading everything posted method with Google Reader. When I check it I start by scrolling through the post titles and read the most interesting sounding ones first. Whenever the number of unread posts starts building up I just hit ‘mark everything older than a week as read’.

      Also, I’ve recently got a smart phone and it’s definitely increased the amount of time I spend on twitter and blog reading. Particularly useful for making commuting time productive.

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