Thing 5 – reflective practice

The timing of this week’s thing is very apt, it’s post says that the most common barrier to reflective practice seems to be time, this coming in a week where I’ve had a job interview I found out 36 hours before, so have spent most of my free time preparing, at the interview or chilling out afterwards, with that and it being my birthday  I’ve had less  free time than usual, so this post may not be that detailed.

I haven’t consciously done reflective practice before, but I think I may have started doing it unconsciously. I’m an obsessive note-taker, and have a whole notebook of notes from various things I’ve done for my graduate traineeship, including all the conferences and so on I have been to. These notes haven’t been the most reflective, but they are useful, and I do go and reread them,  it’s like I’m almost there, I just need to push myself a little bit extra and write an extra paragraph or two on not only what I plan to do after attending an awesome event or learning something new, but why I intend to do it and how I think it will help me.

My blog should really be more reflective than it is, but I think 23 Things will help me with that. I like the look of the ‘what, so what? now what?’ precess of reflective practice, nice and simple, and easy to remember steps so that following the process itself isn’t hard even if the reflection isn’t too easy. With hunting for a job it is especially important for me to be able to analyse myself and my work at the moment, yet again the timing of 23 Things is very good.


What? I’ve completed four of the 23 Things programme.

So what? The most important thing I’ve learned so far is that I’m pretty happy with where I am, my personal branding wasn’t bad and is getting better, I use several very useful tools, I’ve joined another couple that should be useful. I’m definitely enjoying it so far, but I am also beginning to find it hard to keep up, though maybe that is just with this week being especially busy. I do feel that I will get more out of some of the upcoming activities about tools I haven’t used before, but that’s not a bad thing, just something to look forward to. Certainly this thing isn’t something I have done consciously before, so I’m off to a good start.

Now what? Carry on with 23 Things and learn as much as I can, obviously. But also I think I need to try and manage my time better, maybe set aside one evening a week to it as well as during my lunch breaks.  Also I need to not just open accounts and then abandon them, I need to keep using the tools I find useful.

Image credit: praziquantel via Flikr


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