Thing 6: Online Networks

I seem to have a mixed relationship with social networks. I utterly love Twitter, as I have said before, but don’t like Facebook at all. I used to use it a lot, a few years ago, but it has become more and more pointless for me, I have essentially left it though I haven’t tried to delete my profile, I just very rarely check it. I now have a LinkedIn profile, started recently, and it’s fairly full, but I find LinkedIn very confusing and haven’t actually made any connections on it. However, I do really like the groups feature so may use it for that, and have joined a few interesting groups, and I would be perfectly happy for someone looking to employ me to see my profile.

I’ve actually been a member of LISNPN longer than I have Twitter, and it was the reason for my first meet-up with other graduate trainees and so that start of forming some pretty important links, the informal forum format is something I really like, especially good for those just starting to use social media professionally but experienced with forums. CILIP communities looks good but I’m not a member of CILIP and  money is a barrier, I will probably use the communities when I get around to joining though.

All in all I have a mixed success rate with online networks, but I think the usefulness of Twitter makes up for the fact I don’t use any others that much, because I have have found so many useful things and people through it, and I’m certainly happy at where I am with them, which I suppose is the important thing.


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