Thing 7: real-life networks

Real-life networks are an interesting case for me, I’m chronically shy socially, but fine as long as I can convince myself whatever I’m doing is work related, this seems to involve CPD as I have been to a few events, such as Library Camp Brunel and this year’s CILIP New Professionals Day, and been fine. That said, I did chicken out of going to a CPD 23 meet-up, which is not very good form. It’s not unusual to be working in a library environment and be shy, which is one the things that makes library events a bit better than most for me, I know for certain I’m not the only person a bit nervous. Having the shared bond of being a graduate trainee has been really good too, as a conversation-starter and as a way of feeling included. The graduate trainee’s visit to Oxford was brilliant, and the fact I keep meeting people I know from that or LISPN has helped at other events.

I do want to join CILIP, but now it seems sensible to wait until I’m at my new job, whatever that is, and I’m hoping to go to Library Camp this year. Generally my experience with real-life networks has been positive, but I need to push myself more, to talk to more people, and hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy myself at events that don’t feel like their totally work-related.


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