Who Am I?

I’m Jonni, a 24 year old girl, working as a graduate library trainee and trying desperatly to get the money together for a Library and Information Studies MA.  I seem to be developing a huge passion for the importance and difficulties of comic books in libraries, both public and specialist, and am discovering that cataloguing is fun. I take most things far too seriously, and can simultaneously love and hate the whole comics industry. I try to stay up-to-date with queer, disabled and race politics, and now it seems like I should be adding library activism to that as well.

On a more personal side,  I’m interested in the 19th century, comics, sci-fi and fantasy books, various sorts of alternative musc and knitting. I also love to go to little to eat lots of tea and cake. My hair is currently half purple, this will change. If I could be one thing, unrealistically, I’d be a superhero, realistically, I’d be a librarian.



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