Library day in the life- Friday

Got into work as usual just before 9, on the way down to shelve I noticed the pool/fountain in the middle of the main Victoria and Albert building is frozen over again, depressing, I really hate the cold, currently I am sitting at my desk wrapped in a blanket. I got lots of shelving done, then also shelved a few information files before I went on the counter at 10. The first shift on the counter is normally very quiet, but there were quite a lot of people coming in early this morning, and we have a new volunteer who I helped to train for a bit as well. After being busy it was nice to go through to invigilation, which was quite a lot quieter, though there was still plenty to do.

At half 11 I finished on invigilation and went back to my desk, where I caught up on some of the shelf-checking I have been doing. I was able to sort out a couple of problems myself after checking with a catalogue, and am nearly finished one are, though I do now have another small pile of problem things to sort out. Half 12 is lunch, I spend it reading blogs, despairing over the future cold weather and looking for interesting books in Imperial College’s online library catalogue ahead of going there this evening.

At half 1 I am retrieval leading. Basically, this involves coordinating the online requests from readers, so that they get retrieved, and the books sent down by people doing retrieval so that they get to the right readers. It’s lots of little jobs all going on at the same time, and the previous hour had been really busy so I had a bit of backlog to catch up on, but it’s one of the jobs I really like doing.

At half 3 I had a break then a meeting with my line manager, which was essentially just a chat about what I’ve been up to for the last month and about my personal statement. The feedback I got was positive, apart from a few little things, I think it will be all finished after the weekend. I spent until it was time to go home doing lots of little things, mostly sorting out more shelf checking and making and printing off accuarate lists of what is in each box to make it easier for people retrieving from them. After work I went to Imperial College’s library to get books, I’m in a science book phase at the moment, trying to educate myself, so I got lots of interesting looking popular science books.

Have another nice picture, this time of my newest obsession, German band Bonsai Kitten: