Library job-hunting

I finish my current job in mid-September, and being the paranoid kind of person I am I have been job hunting for a couple of weeks. What with tuition fees being what they are I won’t be going on to an MA this year, and I know I’m not the only graduate trainee that is in the position of needing a job. Without a library degree there are lots of amazing jobs I can’t do yet, and I only have two years experience, one of that part-time volunteering.  Add the fact I have to have a full-time job, the 6 or 12 hour contracts I keep seeing advertised are no good for paying rent in London, and there’s a whole raft of jobs there’s no point applying for. However,there are some really useful job sites that I’ve discovered, this list is as much for me to make sure I don’t forget to check a useful site as for anyone else who’s just started looking for a library assistant job.

Total Jobs is the only mainstream job site I’ve found to be any good, I never use anything like Monster or Fish4Jobs, they give me far too many jobs that have nothing to do with libraries or the information profession. This can be the case with Total Jobs, but nowhere near so much, and you can save job titles, so now they send me an email when there is a new job with the description ‘library assistant’, rather than just any kind of assistant, meaning I don’t actually need to arbitrarily check the site.

Lis Job Net  I doubt anyone doesn’t know about this, it’s CILIP’s job site and it’s pretty good, though a lot of the jobs need a degree and it occasionally makes me want to go and work in far-flung countries. I follow @LISNPN on twitter, they tend to tweet when new jobs are added, very handy indeed. is pretty handy, no need to keep searching because there is a information management and librarianship section on the front page. Good for academic jobs, and sometimes has some that aren’t on Lis Job Net.

National Museums Jobs is another sector-specific site, good for museums libraries jobs, obviously. I don’t really like the way it works, you can’t search by sector so I end up scrolling through, which takes quite a long time, especially as there aren’t many library jobs on there.

Lastly, LIS career,  from the site name sounds more aimed at people further on in their career’s than I am, but has a whole load of information. Not a job site, but finding a job to apply for is only the first part of the process.  I will be exploring this more thoroughly over the next few days.