The New Year and the rebirth of my blog have tied in quite nicely, so I pretty much have to do a resolutions/ New Year post. I don’t normally make resolutions, but this year will be one that will massively affect the rest of my life, at least as far as my career goes, and if I write my goals down it will be harder for me to read comics instead of achieving them.

So, my resolutions for 2012 are:

1- Make my applications for my library MA. It’s taken me two months to write my personal statement, and it’s not even nearly done, but every time I think about how much an MA will cost I get all depressed and stop working on applying for any. So, despite the fact I doubt I will actually be able to afford to start an MA this year I’m going to apply for them, that way if I do somehow get the money together I won’t have completely screwed myself over.

2- Write at least one blog post a week. This should be pretty easy, I managed it before, and I have a couple of ideas for posts, plus I’ll be going on interesting library visits in the upcoming weeks I can write about.

3- Read a wider variety of comics. I tend to read lots of superhero and Vertigo comics, and not much else, but I’ve been trying to change that. I’m loving Morning Glories and Chew, and I’ve read a few indie comics at work, I figure if I keep moving in that direction my knowledge of comics will be a lot broader than it is now.

4- Get a second job. This is more achievable than winning the lottery, and I can’t think of another way that will enable me to raise enough money to pay the tuition fees for my MA.

So, fun times ahead.