Brighton in the sun

I’ve been walking into Brighton a lot recently, part of my effort to be half way healthy, and I take my camera with me, these pictures show the places I always think about when I think of Brighton in the summertime.

The beach:

And beautiful beach huts:

The West Pier, I’ve no idea how I got it to look like a sepia photo, but I like it:

Gravestones in my favourite cemetary:

Starting over

People appear to believe in me far more than I believe in myself, it’s nice but kind of frightening. Until my writer’s block clears up I’m not going to try to post big amazing entries, instead I’m going to complete a few of the more interesting of the writer’s block suggestions from LiveJournal and post random photos I’ve taken.

I finally uploaded a lot of photos from the summer, I took this one in the British Museum, I must have been the only person not taking a photo of the amazing roof in the centre of the museum, but the girl at the window caught my attention, it was like the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet, especially with the white of the wall, and the fact you can see it’s a lovely day outside helps, I do wish it was a bit clearer though. I think that how cheap my camera was might have something to do with that.