Things 8 and 9: Google calender and Evernote

I’ve been  really looking forward  to thing 8, I’ve been considering  Google calender anway but it made sense to wait had have someone guide me gently through it, thank you CPD23! So far, though I’ve only sorted out my setting and  added one event (an interview, very exciting!) I like it, it’s really  easy to add an event and being able to change the view easily is useful.  I do quite like the fact that it displays the weather, and that it’s easily linked to my email and reader.  I do think it won’t be at it’s most usefuluntil I’ve been using it a few weeks and have added more stuff to it. So far though, so good.

Evernote  is also something I’ve been looking forward to, I  don’t have a note tool at the moment, though  I do use Delicious and find it fairly useful for storing webpages and so on.  I don’t know how useful saving images will be, I already use Pinterest for that,  and I really like  it’s visual aspect, arranging things by  themed boards, but it’s not so good for written stuff, which is what I expect to be using Evernote for. I’m not sure how useful the synching ability will be to me, I don’t have  a smart phone   or tablet, and being able to access stuff at work  and  at home is nothing special,the problem here could just be my lack of money of course, I’m  sure synching would be useful but it only works if you  have the gadgets to synch to in the first place. So far I’m finding Evernote kind of confusing, not the best start, though hopefully like Google calender it’s the kind of thing that will naturally become useful over a couple of weeks, and if not I’ll just carry on with Delicious.

This weeks cute picture is something perhaps just I will appreciate:

Thing 6: Online Networks

I seem to have a mixed relationship with social networks. I utterly love Twitter, as I have said before, but don’t like Facebook at all. I used to use it a lot, a few years ago, but it has become more and more pointless for me, I have essentially left it though I haven’t tried to delete my profile, I just very rarely check it. I now have a LinkedIn profile, started recently, and it’s fairly full, but I find LinkedIn very confusing and haven’t actually made any connections on it. However, I do really like the groups feature so may use it for that, and have joined a few interesting groups, and I would be perfectly happy for someone looking to employ me to see my profile.

I’ve actually been a member of LISNPN longer than I have Twitter, and it was the reason for my first meet-up with other graduate trainees and so that start of forming some pretty important links, the informal forum format is something I really like, especially good for those just starting to use social media professionally but experienced with forums. CILIP communities looks good but I’m not a member of CILIP and  money is a barrier, I will probably use the communities when I get around to joining though.

All in all I have a mixed success rate with online networks, but I think the usefulness of Twitter makes up for the fact I don’t use any others that much, because I have have found so many useful things and people through it, and I’m certainly happy at where I am with them, which I suppose is the important thing.

Thing 4 – current awareness

This week is pretty easy for me as I already use Twitter and Google Reader. I love twitter, I joined a few months ago because I was feeling left out and I haven’t looked back, the only thing I dislike is that I don’t have a smart phone, but this will soon be changing and then I will be able to post even more library stuff, I love the idea of live-tweeting something. I have found it slightly odd meeting people in real-life that I only know from twitter or reading their blogs, but less intimidating that just going up to someone random and talking to them, it’s nice to think that a online tool is also helping me offline too.

My Google Reader is great, apart from the fact I made it before I had a Google+ account, and they use different account. I think I will be closing my old one and switching everything to my Google+ account, much more streamlined and easy to use. I got Google Reader about six months ago, having started reading a few library blogs but being annoyed at always having to hunt them down, now I don’t, and anything new I find only takes a second to add. I have tried not to follow too much, I didn’t check it for a few days once and ended up with 30 unread posts!

I like the look of Storify a lot, and have read a couple of other people, but at the moment I can’t think of anything I would need to use it for. However, I like knowing it’s there, and it does look easy to use, so as soon as I have a reason to use it I will do. I did love reading about Quiffcomp, I hope it happens next year so I can enter. As should become a tradition with these posts, have a cute animal picture.

Image credit: Daves portfolio, via Flikr