Library day in the life – Wednesday

I got to work only just before 9 today, so straight downstairs for half an hour shelving periodicals. Realise this is probably good exercise and I spend most of the time going up and down big ladders. Afterwards I check in a few more periodicals, passing some brand new ones over to a colleague to be catalogued, and make a couple of information files, having tracked down more of the folders to put them in. At half 10 I am retrieving, I finish at 11:25, then at 11:30 I am retrieving again, this time in our crypt store, which unfortunately is not quite as good as it sounds, although it is underground.

This takes me until nearly half past 12, lunchtime, which I spend making changes to my personal statement for my MA applications. At half 1 I am on the counter, I do invigilation first, it’s pretty quiet, which is nice, and then I go onto the main desk, which is also quiet apart from about 15 minutes where it’s madly busy and I’m hurriedly trying to do about four things at, it settled down a bit after that but I was still fairly glad to have a break at half 3.

Until half 4 I spent time dealing with the departmental loan requests and shelving. Several departments have their own small libraries and the graduate trainees take it in turn to retrieve from them. Normally this is all very straightforward but today I had several complicated things, including having to find something that it turned out shouldn’t have even been on the catalogue any more. At half 4 I did one last retrieval run, the last one of the day, and also swapped the shelving trolleys around so there was an empty one downstairs, as towards the end of the day we tend to get a lot of books handed in and start to run out of space to put them.

This was probably the perfect example of an average day, though actually a lot of my days are more exciting than this, which breaks up the slightly less interesting tasks well. No relevant picture, this time have a nice picture of The Creepshow: