Library day in the life – Thursday

Thursday’s are always good days becayse Thursday morning is when I and the other three Graduate Trainees have our training or work on our shared project. Often this can take the form of visits, today we went to see the Wellcome Library, part of the Wellcome Collection, incidently one of my favourite museums. We were met by one of the librarians and taken all around the library, not only the beautiful main reading room and the very fancy smaller ones, but the club room, several of the stacks the the offices. Everything was stunning, you could tell there had been a major renovation a few years ago, and the pieces of artwork everywhere really helped, especially the Pre-Raphaelite style hospital and orphanage scences that had previously hung in Middlesex Hospital, called Acts of Mercy. The stacks were also really interesting, full not just of books but also drawers of loose prints and etchings, and standing racks of paintings, with lots of interesting stuff in, including a poster of a drink full of lithium.

We got back to the library just before half past, I had time to check mu emails to see there wasn’t anything vastly urgent, then to head for the canteen for lunch, a rare treat. I ended up talking about libreary stuff with some of the other trainees and another member of stuff, including diploma vs full MA, distance-learning vs on site, and the general state of the profession. After lunch I was on the counter, quiet in invigilation again, the most exciting thang that happened was I had to show someone how to use the pencil sharpener. The main desk was a bit busier, I spent most of the time helping someone with taking photographs of a book and then printing them. This is a fairly common thing to have to do, it took me a couple of months to get comfortable with the software but now it seems easy, but most readers don’t have a couple of months to familiarise themselves.

I had a break at half three, then spent some time researching and writing a reply to a readers enquiry, from a rather panicked sounding postgrad student who couldn’t find the Royal Academy catalogues on the catalogue. Oddly only on saturday was I saying that some people find our catalogue very confusing. I sent her a email giving her the information she needed and tips on how to find it in the future then went to do the last retrieval run of the day.

Another picture of a psychobilly band, first English one, here are The Grit: