Library day in the life- Tuesday

Tuesday is a normal day, I get in at about quarter to nine, check my email, which has information about a shelving swap, I will be doing the unbound periodicals until my manager’s wrist heals, a broken wrist and lifting heavy books is not a good combination. I also tend to catch up on twitter at this time, and make sure I have all the information from the rota copied into my diary.

At nine I shelve for half and hour then go back to my desk where I finish the last box of pamphlets from yesterday. I put them on the shelf and change the findings list so that it matches with what is actually on the shelf. Then I begin to shelf-check boxes of pamphlets, an ongoing task I’ve been doing for a couple of weeks. Some of the boxes don’t appear to have been checked since 1984 (before I was born!) so they are in a bit of a mess, lots of missing items or items that aren’t recorded on the catalogue. However, I have been making sense of the boxes, and have found quite a lot of uncatalogued items, or those that had been misshelved and so are recorded as missing on the catalogue.

At 10:30 I’m retrieving, Tuesdays tend to be busy and today is no exception, I finish at 11:25, then at 11:30 I’m on the counter. I spend the first hour doing invigilation of specials books. This can be really quiet, but today I spend nearly the whole time getting books out of the locked cupboard for readers, finding them places to sit, relieving finished with books and processing them. At 12:30 I go onto the main counter, dealing with all the non-special books. it’s still busy, but not quite so bad, and I give lots and lots of people their piles of books without too many problems cropping up. I also help one person join the library and check in returned books. I’m quite glad when it’s half one and time for lunch.

I spend my lunch furiously writing up my blog post about Library camp Brunel, being a couple of days later with it than I’d like, I am very pleased to finally get it finished. After lunch I sort out some odd bits I have to do, unfortunately including putting a book back on a very high shelf, up a tall ladder, in full view of everyone in the reading room, in a skirt of course. This sort of thing is probably my least favourite part of the job, but after that I go back to shelfchecking, shelving some information files and checking in periodicals, all nice easy, interesting jobs not up ladders. I finish work at half past 5, having got lots done, though I still have various piles of stuff to do around my room.

This post has been pretty word-heavy, I can’t think of a related picture so have an unrelated one, here’s Tiger Army, with the most beautiful double bass ever: